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 Our Vision


  • Aim to be the Best Corporate

         in India in Marine

        Technologies and

    with Focus on

 Dredging & Marine



  • Through Superior Financial

           and Operational

             Performance to Achieve

       the Highest

             Benchmarks in the Sector.


  • With roots in Indian

        West Coast 

        have Ambitions for


             Operations in Future.



 Our Mission


  •  To Provide Best Value for

Our Clients by Delivering 

Cost Effective Services

          with Precise Quality on





        Environment Friendly. 



 Our Objective


The objective of the company is

To maintain its existing client

Base and add new clients

who will appreciate their

experience with us and

trust our capability.


Committed to

maintaining strong

client relationships by:


•  Executing projects in time

According to required



•  Delivering quality service at

Competitive Prices


•  Listening and Responding

to Client’s Needs.


•  The Company is on the lookout

for Widening our ever

growing Client base through


Sincere and Professional

    Approach to Work. 



 Our Commitment


We are Committed to Maintain

Trust, Professional Ethics and

Deliverance of Objectives

Economically with Highest

Quality and in Time.