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  • Differential Global

            Positioning Services:



linked Differential Global Positioning

Services (DGPS) to positioning

accuracy of  1 Cm to 3 M for-

  • Rig positioning, offshore vessels

and barge positioning



  • Land surveys and GIS applications



  • Vessel management services &

 Navigation assistance.



Hydrographic Surveys:


SEA EAGLE uses advance navigation,

data acquisition system and processing

software for preparation of charts


carries out all types of bathymetry

surveys for-


  • Rivers, Lakes, Ports and harbours.



Geo-Physical Surveys:


SEA EAGLE has considerable expertise

in acquiring and processing geophysical

data using variety sensors that

includes Echo sounder, Side scan sonar,

sector sonar, Corer etc. Our team can

meet exacting standards to carry out

numerous geophysical activities as follows-

  • Pre engineering and Pre construction



for offshore installation / sites.


Pre engineering and pre construction


surveys for sub marine pipe line routs.


  • Post construction surveys, pre burial


and post burial surveys.


  • Feasibility studies for development

of ports, harbors, jetties, SPM, SBM,

MPM & water intake and disposal site

          identification for refineries &

thermal power plants.



  • Soil investigation.


Construction Support Survey Services:

SEA EAGLE has expertise in providing

survey and navigation services on turn

key basis to Marine / Offshore Construction

companies involved in -


  • Jacket, SPM / SBM installations.


  • Pipe laying, construction of jetties

& dolphins & offshore hookup activities



  • Pre-Engineering and Pre-Lay Survey



  • Jacket installation and Pipe lay support



  • Post construction support, pre burial

and post burial surveys. 



Oceanographic Surveys:

SEA EAGLE is capable of acquiring /

processing tidal, current, wind and

wave data, soil samples and water samples.



Dredging Support Services:

SEA EAGLE provides dredging support

services as follows -


  • Pre and Post dredging survey services

& positioning during dredging operation.


  • Quantity calculation of dredged

material and sediment transport.


  • Situation studies.


  • Feasibility study for maintenance

dredging pattern.


  • Beach replenishment.



GIS and Mapping Services: 

SEA EAGLE utilizes the latest

state-of–art technology in GIS &

automated mapping, for producing

map based analysis for decision making.

SEA EAGLE also undertakes all

types of CAD projects including

drawing conversion and archiving, 

Plotting and scanning, Digital mapping, 

2D drafting and 3D modeling, 

Document conversion and management



Consultancy and Training Services: 

With a team of highly experienced

professionals, SEA EAGLE is in position

to undertake various turn key, training

and consultancy in offshore,

onshore projects, GIS etc.



Land Surveys:  

With a team of highly experienced

surveyors, SEA EAGLE have

expertise carry out all types

of land surveys of the following


Topographic surveys for land sites, 

Quantity surveys for reclamation, 

Route surveys for pipe line route, highways,

transmission lines, Alignment

surveys for bridge construction, 

Pipe laying and jetty/wharf construction, 


Geodetic control, Beach profiling.



Diving Services:

Underwater hull / machinery inspection /


Trenching / Pipe line inspection /


Underwater cutting and welding

Underwater photography


Repairs & Fabrication Services:

Cross country under water pipe line /

HDPE pipe line

Construction of Barges / Pontoons /

Tugs and Jack up platform.

Repairs of Tugs / Barges / Jack up Platform /

Dredgers / Buoys / and Boats

Infrastructure Civil Works:

Anti-scouring works / Construction of Break


Casting / Placing of Blocks & Tetrapods

Construction of Jetty and wharves

Dumping of Aggregates for leveling on


Laying of underwater pipelines. 

Revetments, service road networks